Varsity Lakes – The New Travel Sensation

The Gold Coast has become the busiest and most popular destination in Australia. It’s buzzing with tourists and if you are a traveler who doesn’t thrive on crowded tourist spots, Varsity Lakes is just around the corner for you. It’s slowly catching on amongst tourists, both local and foreign but still has its natural beauty and novelty intact. What’s more, it’s only a suburb of the Gold Coast, and thus is a convenient distance for your travel labiaga travel.

Varsity Lakes was formed in 2002 after an amalgamation of the suburbs of Stephens, Andrews and Robina, which now form a part of the larger suburb.

Some of the attractions of Varsity Lakes as a tourist destination are:

  • The place has beautiful scenic points at every nook and corner. As the name suggests, they are many lakes in the area and pathways into the Nature that you can explore during quiet walks.
  • It might be situated in the cradle of Nature but isn’t far away from civilization either. There are many restaurants, cafes in the area and reasonably priced hotels for you to stay in.
  • Robina town centre, which is connected through a train line, is a shopping haven and you can find stores that stock up most of the International brands.
  • The stunning and vast Lake Orr is here, and there are well-equipped golf courses in Robina if you choose to relax on the greens.
  • Varsity Lake Tavern fills up with locals and travelers alike in the evening, and is a hotspot for those who love to have a night out.
  • There is enough for family entertainment, like going to amusement parks or visiting cinema halls in the area.
  • The place is well connected by train and bus lines, making the commute accessible and less cumbersome.

You can pick a Travel Agency out of the many that operate in this area for your bookings and enjoy the best facilities available to you.

Some of the advantages of doing your travel bookings through an agency include:

  • Firstly, you don’t need to spend hours looking for appropriate places to stay and work out the travel plans. Your agency will do that for you and you can rest assured that accommodation you are booked in matches up to your standards. Travelers doing their own bookings have often complained about the state of hotels not being the same as seen on their websites.
  • Agencies work in association with train companies, bus services etc and you end up getting much better deals.
  • Your travel company will schedule a program for you during your stay if you ask for it. It saves time running around with maps trying to find the site you want to visit.
  • You can make bookings for a group, families and avail of special packages like adventure cruises, honeymoon packages etc.

Make the most of your travel and relax without a worry. Leave that to your travel company and explore the beauty of Varsity Lakes.

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